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The only thing I do is design and produce customized and detailed initial floor plan designs for your veterinary medical facility, i.e. the Schematic Floor Plan.  These plans will be an accurate, to scale, floor plan showing building and room configurations, room sizes, walls, doors, and windows. Additionally it will show the location of veterinary medical equipment, caging, cabinetry, furnishings, furniture and work stations. It is the fundamental building block, the detail and overall configuration that the rest of the design and drawings will be built upon. The fee for producing the Schematic Floor Plan will be a buck-fifty a square foot, i.e. if your proposed clinic is 2,400 square feet, then my fee will be $3,600. In most cases I can produce the Schematic Floor Plan in three to five weeks. These Schematic Floor Plan can then be given to your local architect and/or contractor for development into the final Working Drawings.Included in that fee I will also provide you with a detailed twenty plus page handout that gives you recommendations for floor/wall/ceiling materials, hvac systems, electrical requirements, cleaning protocols, AAHA requirements, ADA accessibility regulations, and even exiting/egress requirements. The goal is to provide you and your local team with the information you need to assure a successful, well built, project.

For this small veterinary hospital in New York City I produced this Schematic Floor Plan complete with rooms, doors, windows, walls, cabinetry, caging, medical equipment and plumbing fixtures.

“Having completed three projects with Mark we have repeatedly seen his uncanny ability to identify our most pressing needs, and then design a uniquely functional and efficient clinic for our use.”

Dr. Dermot Jevens, Dipl ACVS, Upstate Veterinary Specialists, Greenville SC

“I have worked with Mark on a range of both large and small projects. He is smart, talented, and incredibly knowledgeable about the veterinary industry.” 

Todd Carson, DKC Veterinary Clinic, Dubai, UAE