smarter is better

Six years ago I launched smaller can be better, a one-man architectural firm that specializes in working with veterinarians to design effective, high capacity, smaller animal clinics. For four of the past six years focusing on building smaller was a good strategy but this is a tough new world.

veterinarians now need to focus on building smarter.

The last two years have brought tremendous changes in the veterinary marketplace, in the way people work, and the cost of construction. This is not however the time to be timid. There is still room in the marketplace for a carefully considered well targeted small clinic.

My goal:

To help you change your space and budget into opportunities. To work with you to design a special and unique veterinary clinic that will let you grow your practice and, hopefully, make your life better.

I can help you design a smarter clinic.

A drawing of a house with benches and trees.

A few years ago I helped a young veterinarian in a small mountain town develop a plan for renovating her clinic. The existing practice sat beside a small mountain stream, nestled in amongst the trees. Our goal was to keep it “special” but let it grow. As part of the design process I put together this quick sketch that tried to capture the essence of what was important in the new facility.

I promise to work one-on-one with you to quickly design an effective, efficient, and smarter facility that is tailored to your specific needs.

mark r. hafen